Odlo was founded in Oslo in 1946. Its founder Odd Roar Lofterød Senior was the driving force behind the company until 1979. His favourite saying was “always make sure you’re one step ahead”: Lofterød had a reputation for being a creative, unconventional thinker who took off in new, previously unimagined, directions.

Born in Norway in 1915, he grew up during the difficult times of war and unemployment that characterised the early 20th century. But this did not stop his unquenchable thirst for new ideas. Instead of just waiting for a job to come along, he placed an ad saying: “Worker available for 100 crowns”. He soon landed a job paying 60 crowns a month working in a factory that made machinery for the clothing industry. Using the technical expertise that he gained in the area of knitting machines, he went on to set up his own company, Odlo Fabrikker A/S. To get the company up and running, Lofterød bought his first knitting and sewing machines from his former employer. He also had the foresight to trademark his brand name worldwide.
In 2008 Odlo introduced an advanced version of its seamless, close-fitting Evolution Light sports underwear range, which was first launched in 2003. It also presented its new generation of sports bras. These ranges were both the result of in-house research and development work on the part of the Swiss manufacturer.

In 2010 Odlo won two international awards for the seamless race suit worn by top Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen. The Red Dot Design Award was given for the suit’s outstanding design, while the Plus X Award was presented for innovation and functionality. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Odlo was one of the most popular Nordic ski sports brands amongst athletes.

In summer 2011 Odlo launched the new Bike collection for mountain and road bikers. Now Odlo could offer year-round performance clothing to meet the needs of all sports enthusiasts. The Temperature Control System provided the basis for a unique sports underwear concept that offered the perfect underwear for all temperatures and performance levels.

For Winter 12/13, Odlo launched Evolution Greentec, the first seamless underwear to be made from 100% recyclable material. The company had developed a range of sustainable underwear to meet the highest standards of performance and functionality. The green thread used in the range stands for an outstanding level of sustainability and environmental compatibility. This new range won numerous awards even before it came on the market.