Getro A/S was founded in 1987 with a keen focus on street inspired sportswear and boxing gear. Georg and Troels were the two dentists that gave their names to the abbreviation GETRO, as they helped invent the first industrial produced boxing mouthpiece in Denmark, creating a dental guard with the unique feature of being able to be fitted to its owner.

Alongside the production of sporting goods, Getro also began importing Converse all-star, an at the time unknown shoe brand on the Danish marked. This collaboration took the shoes and turned them, from an obscurity outside of basketball, into a fashionable street brand, enjoying, to this day, a strong credibility rooted within old-school street-basket.

In 1988 Getro commenced another collaboration with a sports and fashion brand, as a distributorship on Fred Perry was established. Fred Perry himself guested Getro at least once a year through his lifetime, carrying each time, his friendship and a special interest in the joint effort of developing and positioning his brand in Denmark.

In 1991 a partnership with Arena swim wear was initiated, which strengthened the roots of Getro, reigniting the heritage of sportswear. This branch was nurtured furthermore in 1998 when Oglam, the renowned sports bras manufacturer, was added to the portfolio of brands.

In 2000 55DSL suggested a collaboration, which along with the initiation of a collaboration with Alpha industries led to the current structure of the organization, where a strong segmentation between the sports division and the fashion division has been made.

Along with the divisions of brands a detail section was added in 2005 with the establishment of Fred and the legends, which over the years grew to a chain of 3 stores, all paying homage the legends that have arisen from this history. These stores are located on Vesterbro and Frederiksberg, in Copenhagen, as well as Århus in Jutland.